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Cassper got his gold chain back but didn't pay the R50k reward

Jul 7 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 560 | Comments: 0

Johannesburg – Jaws dropped when word of Cassper Nyovest offering a R50k reward for the return of his gold chain hit the streets a few weeks ago.

Cassper lost his diamond encrusted “key to the city” pendant along with a gold chain when he dove into the crowd while performing at the Youth Hip Hop Festival in June.

The rapper appealed to fans on his Instagram account offering a hefty R50 000 reward to the person who had the pricey piece of jewellery in exchange for its safe return.

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Well it turns out the star was lucky enough to get his lost property back. But is the person who returned it R50k richer? According to Cassper, No.

In an interview with Slikour, while wearing the chain, Cassper revealed that he did not pay the promised R50k, but there was some compensation. "I didn’t pay R50K, cause he stole my shit. But you know there’s like a little compensation."

The rapper explained exactly what went down, and why he did not make good on his promise.

"Honestly I just didn’t like the approach. Cause when they got there they got the pendant, and he said he didn’t have the chain. Then they told him okay but we want the whole chain. Then he’s like, oh okay I have the chain. So the whole thing was like, he was actually trying to rob me or not help me."

In the same interview, Cassper also spoke about his dream of filling up Orlando Stadium, saying he needs R25m to do so.

One thing’s for sure, if the rapper does manage to reach his goal, he probably won’t be stage diving at the event. “I learned my lesson,” he told Slikour.

source: news24

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