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Secrets Of The Secret

Jul 5 '16 | By sagasan | Views: 85 | Comments: 0

For the other 50% you are going to need some support because there's going to be challenge and confusion and uncertainty. I think having an organised space prepares you for that challenge. But it also indicates you are ready. If your world is cluttered and your life is just one panic after the Forbes Flawless other you might be hoping that a relationship will solve that. But that's not going to happen. Relationships don't solve problems, the exacerbate them. They grow. So if you are cluttered and out of control before a relationship, it'll only get worse with one. So today begin the cycle of improving your environment and creating a loving space for your relationship. Create empty time where you would go out if you were with someone. Sit in a bath as you would do if you were with someone. Clean sheets, nice undies, a shower before bed. Act like you are with someone even if you are not. That's called "the power of attraction."

Can you see nature's role in creating a great environment in your home office and mind? This is most important for discipline, clear mind and body and ask yourself how you can bring more nature into your work and home life. SPRING CLEAN -even in winter - start with your filing system - but you might even go to a colonic and spring clean your intestines. Consider your hair cut, your clothes, your computer cover. Consider all the affirmations you have around you that signal your appreciation for yourself. Remember, if you appreciate someone else's dreams and personality and luck and wealth and health more than your own, you are putting them up and yourself down (in nature nothing is missing).


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