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Amanda Holliday from Destiny,

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Fallout 4 will do something different from the other games in the series by giving the playercharacter a voice. Following this revelation the voice actors themselves have been revealed for Bethesda's upcoming title.Eurogamer OSRS Gold came across a tweet from designer and writer for Fallout 4, Emil Pagliarulo, where the voice cast is revealed live and in person. You can see who the male and female voice actors are in the photo below.

Bringing F4 to life. VO director KalElBogdanove protagonists courtenaytaylor BrianTDelaney designer Will Shen pic.twitterG6eDXfCO8R Emil Pagliarulo Dezinuh June 18, 2015 It's revealed that Courtney Taylor will be the voice of the female protagonist and Brian T. Delaney will voice the male protagonist.Delaney, according to Eurogamer, hasn't had a whole lot of work in the field of voice acting but Taylor is a regular when it comes to lending her vocal chords to games that have become historical staples in the gaming industry, including voicing memorable characters like Juhani from Knights of the Old Republic.

Amanda Holliday from Destiny, Asheara from Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls and even a voice for Batman: Arkham Knight.It's interesting that Bethesda decided to go with a voice cast for the main characters in Fallout 4. Although there's always been voiceover for NPCs, the heroes have been traditionally mute. This was presumably due to the various dialogue options presented to players. However, Bethesda finally bit the bullet and recorded all of the heroes' lines.
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