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Actor 'Atandwa Kani' joins Rapper 'AKA' the fight for SA artist equality

Jul 5 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 1114 | Comments: 0

Atandwa Kani has said he doesn’t really want swanky South African awards for his acting if he is never offered big roles in locally filmed productions.

Atandwa Kani

Actor Atandwa Kani has said he’s on the same page as rapper AKA about South African artists always taking a backseat for international people.

Taking to Bongani Mtolo on East Coast Urban radio recently, the actor – who is the son of John Kani – said he finds it somewhat offensive that overseas actors are generally cast as South Africans, even if the productions are filmed in SA.

Drum magazine quotes 32-year-old Atandwa, who said: “I am taking an AKA stance on this. We shouldn’t be second in our own country. If we are good enough to win awards in this country why are we all of a sudden not good enough to be the leads in these films?

“So why give us awards? Don’t give me best actor, if I am not good enough to play Steve Biko in the next big movie.

“Why do we allow then to infiltrate us? It’s another form of colonisation.”

Atandwa’s comment comes after recent criticism of the cast of a TV miniseries called ‘Madiba’, based on the life and times of Nelson Mandela and the many activists involved in the apartheid struggle.

News that the six-part series will star Laurence Fishburn as Mandela, and ‘Office Space’ actor Orlando Jones as former ANC president, Oliver Tambo, was met with great criticism on social media platforms, with many South Africans voicing their anger over the fact that these icons are not being played by their acting countrymen.

It was, however, later revealed that Terry Pheto and Hlomla Dandala have been cast as Govan Mbeki, late father of former SA president Thabo Mbeki, and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela respectively.

Rapper AKA, whose real name is Kiernan Forbes, recently also caused uproar when he pulled out of the Back to the City hip hop music festival, over the alleged refusal of organisers to make as big a deal about his performance as they did about those of the international artists on the line-up.

Atandwa is best known for his role as Tumelo in US TV drama series ‘Life is Wild’, and for playing Jabu Mncube in parliamentary SABC drama series ’90 Plein Street’.

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