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Allergies, Cures Exist But

Jul 4 '16 | By sasi | Views: 148 | Comments: 0

Unfortunately, relaxing and winding down in the evening is not as easy as it seems. Two main symptoms of ADD are hyperactivity (which can be physical and/or mental) and impulsiveness. These are two things that constantly tempt the brain to get active. Additionally, once a task or project is picked up, people with ADD have the potential to "hyperfocus" on it and lose track of time. Electricity Freedom In order to avoid this and wind down, I find it best to adhere to a routine. I have to schedule my activities for the evening, and not allow myself to get caught up in anything that I find engaging, like emailing, talking on the phone, or even picking up an interesting book.When scheduling your evenings and developing a routine, whether it is for yourself or your child, identify the one or two things that usually provide the most stimulation and eliminate them from the pre-bedtime hours. 

In my own routine, I begin my wind down by shutting off my computer right after dinner. This prevents me from getting caught up in email, research, or any other number of interesting things that the Internet has to offer.The next thing to consider when planning your routine is to schedule in "down time" for some serious relaxing. For me, this can mean taking 15 minutes to meditate, going for a walk with my dog, or even just sitting in my favorite chair and breathing deeply. Whatever it is, I do it alone.And finally, set up a "signal" that will let your body know it's time to start shutting down. The very last thing I do at night is brush my teeth. This is my signal to my body and mind that the day is now over and it is time to rest. 


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