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The rumors kept rolling out

Jul 4 '16 | By Lucio Albany | Views: 190 | Comments: 0
The rumors kept rolling out, though, and it was soon confirmed for realsies that the beloved director and Konami would be parting ways. It was made clear that the father of Metal Gear would remain involved through the completion of MGSV, and then he'd be off on his own.Kojima Productions, though, is a pretty RS Gold big team, so it shouldn't really come as a surprise that the group is, for all intents and purposes, disbanded. Then again, this could also prove to be pretty good news for fans of Kojima and his team.

Yes, its possible that some folks lost their jobs or got absorbed onto other teams, but that isn't necessarily how things will remain.Many fans were ready for Kojima to do something new, so this could be his perfect opportunity to do exactly that. If he signs on with another big publisher, he may even be able to get the old band back together, so to speak. Or, if he decides to do something smaller for a change, he may be able to at least pull together some of his former employees to get cracking on something new and creative.

Apparently games these days are so easy that people can't just set it to the hardest setting and have a tough time trying to beat it, they now have to add ridiculous gimmicks, overthetop obstructions and selfinhibitory restrictions in order to put the fun back into functionally difficult. This rings true for one gamer who is attempting to beat Dark Souls while playing it upsidedown.Gamespot is reporting that Twitch streamer Lobos JR is attempting to beat the entirety of Dark Souls while playing it upsidedown. Well, technically that's not true technically he's playing it upsidedown thanks to a mod that flips the screen; he's not actually playing while positioned on his head.
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