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HERBALIST HEALINGS IN ,BLOMFORTAIN<PRETORIA,GAUTENG,JOHANNESBURG,DURBAN,SOWETO,KWAZULUNATAL,CAPETOWN,PAROW,BELLEVILLE,DURBAN,VILLE,UK,USA27786477073Get your reading on any matter which happens to be troubling you, your life or even concerning your loved ones. My services are offered at the Healing Temple , I also offer services as candle settings for any specific problems, personalized mojo bags, oils, powders and many other conjuring aids to help you gain, achieve and be successful in life.I have helped many clients about their valuable lives and been doing this for over 15 years. CALL OR WHATS APP +27786477073 .Helping in various problems to do withRevenge, Money Protection #Good luck in winning Marriage protection Home & Business cleansing from bad Spirits Show or tell you your enemies using Mirror and Water. Help recover your stolen(lost) goods & properties Make your Loved Ones never cheat on you. Separate LoversReunites Lovers, Family & Friends. Help in passing any kind of interview and passing Exams Helping those whoever failed either job interviews or Exams to Results to Change using unique Secret Crystals. #ÅÑD SSÖŌ... MANY ØTHËRS - 2.Making your partner marry you quickly - 3.Get a divorce settlement quickly from your ex-partner- 4. Making your partner satisfy you in bed - 5. Removal of misfortunes - 6.Removal of bad luck using my powers 7. I can send the ancestors/spirits to fetch any precious items from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to your place within 30 minutes. 8.Are you still looking for Your questions to be answered? , Well if so I’m Your Psychic! I’m a natural born Psychic Adviser who really enjoys helping clients, This is a gift that l am proud of and very thankful for. More services l can provide: - 9.I also bring back lost lovers/partners as well as families that have fallen apart. - 10.I make your children listen to you and follow your instructions- Children that want to be granted their wish by their parents/guardians are also helped. - 11. I help you get promoted at work as well as being liked by your employer/s and colleagues - 12. I help students pass their exams/interviews - 13. I help those seeking employment- I help soccer and other sports players to excel - 14.I help one to win tenders and promotion All financial problems are solved including:- Salary increments-Promotions- Find out how billionaires stay in the game... I have studied the art of Tarot Astrology & Numerology for 15 yrs and I have my 1st & 2nd attainment in reiki healing. I have been doing readings in person in my office face to face for 15 years. I Specialize in *Reuniting the separated, *Riki & Holistic healing, *Meditation, *Finding your soul mate, *Crystal healing *Chakra Aura & Mind cleansing, Rukuyah holly cleansing water right from the springs of zam zam. I am also a Certified demonology Removing ANY and all negative influences, Evil eye, Jealousy or bad energy from you, your home family or business!When all else fails I give you hope. All problems are solved immediately. In other words you can start mining without even touching a stone. Mail order is also available worldwide but the number of days the delivery takes with in your Let Me Guide You On the Highroad To Happiness...CONTACT ME ALL THE TIME IN CASE YOUR THINGS ARE TAKING LONGER TO BE DONE OR SOLVED BY OTHER DOCTORS /HEALERS CALL OR WHATS APP MY OFFICE IS LOCATED IN JOHANNESBURG CENTRAL and THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE FAR FROM,EMAIL.Jelemaia2@gmail.com. JOHANNESBURG & OVERSEAS I DO OFFER ONLINE SERVICES, DISTANCE HEALING & DELIVERIES WHEREVER YOU ARE,call,+27786477073
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