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You'll manage a small group of Champions

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The Artifacts mentioned around the expansion's official website are classspecific weapons which can be customized. For example, paladins can wield the legendary sword Ashbringer. The website shows three different pallettes for OSRS Gold each artifact. Presumably you can modify the weapon to complement each class' three specializations.Blizzard also says that every class may have access to special Order Halls and followers. These Halls are bases for your class. Each possesses its very own distinct look. Paladins will convene in the chapel while shaman use a cave near the Maelstrom their base.

You'll manage a small group of Champions inside the Hall and get quests for your artifacts. At the Order Hall, additionally, you will notice other players in the class so that they won't feel as desolate as Draenor's garrisons. Horde and Alliance players will apparently share these buildings, further blurring the lines relating to the two factions.World of Warcraft: Legion will also bring a brand new player class: Demon Hunter. Demon Hunters can modify into demonic forms to deal with or withstand more damage. The class can also be very mobile. Blizzard says they might double jump and rehearse wings to swoop documented on enemies from above.

The class, only obtainable to night elves and blood elves, should fill melee DPS and tank roles in groups.Like Warlords of Draenor, Legion features a free character boost. This time around, you'll be able to raise a character around level 100. This will let you jump right into Legion's new content and begin progressing for that new cap of 110.World of Warcraft: Legion's beta test will begin later in 2015. You can sign up for it within the usual fashion: log for the Battle account and check the Warcraft option in your Beta Profile settings. Blizzard will randomly select players to participate within the test.
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