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Mustafi in Germany's friendly match in the suspected injury to the ankle

Sep 2 '16 | By F Fifa | Views: 230 | Comments: 0

After Mustafi officially joined Arsenal, has not had time to play for the team, the first to play for the German national team for the fifa 17 points friendly match with Finland. Who knows he fell in the second half scraping, covered the ankle pain. After a brief adjustment, he chose to keep on fighting. But he staggered pace, people really worried. "The sun" said Mustafi ankle injury, the first show fear of delay.

The injury is always Wenger's natural enemies, this season is the disease at the beginning of the season brought down two defense generals Mertesacker and Gabriel, Wenger had to make an emergency aid and new signings, buy fifa 17 coins however if injured, Wenger should put their hopes in the who? Houldin? Famous Tucao twitter BenchWarmers said: to join Arsenal less than 24 hours, Mustafi has been infected with the club's DNA."

The fans waiting for the summer, finally before the transfer window closes, look forward to the heavyweight signings, Lucas Peres and Mustafi. The most let the gun fans satisfied, is undoubtedly the German striker Mustafi, the prime gate for the arrival of the equivalent of the Gunners defense in a disastrous state timely assistance in Britain reported according to YAHOO, however, Mustafi in Germany in a friendly suspected injury to the ankle.

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