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Helen Mirren has praised Kim Kardashian West for showing women they can be curvy and sexy.

Jun 29 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 652 | Comments: 0

Helen Mirren has praised Kim Kardashian West for showing women they can be curvy and sexy.

While the 70-year-old actress is not a fan of the 35-year-old star's reality TV show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', she admires Kim for promoting body positivity.

Kim Kardashian's waist and heavy thighs are slimmed down, and the cellulite is removed.

She said: “I'm not into the Kardashians, it's a phenomenon I just don't find interesting, but - and this is the big word: B-U-T-T - it's wonderful that you're allowed to have a butt nowadays! Thanks to Madame Kardashian, and before her, J-Lo. We're also allowed to have thighs now, which is great too. It's very positive.”

And Helen revealed she has a special admiration for “shameless” women who are pushing boundaries.

She explained: “When I was growing up, it was thought to be unbelievably sluttish to even have a bra strap showing. Everything was about women conforming. I love shameless women. Shameless and proud!

“Women were controlled by being shamed, so I love women who have claimed their own bodies: Madonna, Chrissie Hynde, Joan Jett, Bonnie Raitt. I love Pussy Riot more than anything in the world. They all raise their middle fingers to this epithet of 'sl*t' They wear what they want to wear, behave as they want to behave.”

Meanwhile, Helen - who has been married to Taylor Hackford for 19 years - has no regrets about her life and even has fond memories of all of her past loves.

She said: “I have lived the life I wanted. You never know because it's all a crap shoot - terrible things can happen to knock you off your perch and make life hard, so I fully understand how fortunate I have been.

“And I have had a series of very, very good men in my life. My husband, obviously, is the uber good man, but all the men I had relationships with brought something positive to my life.”

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