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The Treatment For Gallstones

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One of the newer theories is that we do not consume enough food with antioxidants and allow free radicals to create havoc in our bodies. These nasty little tikes affecting our tissues, hardening blood vessels, creating the dreaded wrinkles.The habit of smoking is yet another possible cause, along with sunlight. Theories change but currently we are encouraged to The Lean Belly Breakthrough Review consume food that contains a high antioxidant presence. The antioxidants are there to neutralize the effects of the free radicals and limit the damage that they do to the aging body. Not eating enough food with the antioxidants lessens the capability of the body to fight diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Current thinking is that we all need to live a healthier lifestyle and is targeting the younger people to create good habits for their later years. Vitamins and their uses have come under detailed scrutiny, the vitamins such as E, A, and C and the later discoveries of resveratrol and co q10 protecting us from the degenerative diseases and slow the aging process. Everyone is aware that the genetic influence also plays a part in how we do or do not age. 

For example, vitamin E suppliers are almonds, sunflower seeds, and broccoli, while vitamin C, as most people know, found in the oranges, lemons, broccoli, and most fruits. The main sources of vitamin A come in carrots, and the other orange type vegetables and fruit such as peppers, squash and melons. The list is huge and many sources found for our daily vitamins.Protecting our bodies from aging damage not only includes the right or recommended food intake of the five plus fruit and vegetables but also the need for daily exercise. The need for a big plateful of food as we age is no longer necessary; it adds unnecessary calories and more free radicals. A change in the way our minds work is important as to the amount and type of food we consume. Our minds literally control our aging. 


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