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How do you deal with family in law that's in a cult? If you're dropping by the thread to merely mention runescape 2007 gold a fact you know regarding Mister Hammer's origin point, that's great, but please link to a primary source. Thank you!Which film depicts a satanic ritual in which the participants wear cloaks and goat masks? I

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Short version: my fianc's family is involved in a cult. He left the cult while in college, but they don't know. Most people don't know, except me and a few other friends. He hasn't told his family that he left, and he says he never will. My question is, what do we do when/if they want us to be more involved in their lives, without either getting involved in the cult or letting it slip that we're not part of it? [more inside]

Which film depicts a satanic ritual in which the participants wear cloaks and goat masks? I have only seen still images of this one scene online, I am presuming it is from a film. There are several cloaked figures standing viewed face on, of which at least the foremost figure is wearing a goat mask (maybe it is actually satan?) I am presuming it is some kind of occult / satanic ritual. Thanks in advance,

This summer, I was vacationing in Mauritius when I got lost, near the town of old style Iraqi flags. The entrance was guarded by two guys in "Republican Guard" style military fatigues, black berets and all. I prudently decided against stopping, never mind taking pictures, but the question has been bothering me ever since: WTF was that about?!

A cult and/or weird political grouping? Or is maybe Saddam alive and well in a tropical paradise (one would think he'd be a bit more discreet about it)? Despite my Google Fu, I haven't been able to find an answer, so I turn to you, dear MetaFilter friends: Does anybody know what that was about?

Were Aum Shinrikyo aware that their sarin was spectacularly bad/ impure/ degraded, or were they aiming for significantly more fatalities?on May 16, 2007Do we need a lawyer or a deprogrammer?They are demanding that our relationships with them be within the context of us paying them to attend these seminars as well. [more inside]!

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