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Is There Any Substance Or Just All Hype

Jun 27 '16 | By gracebakya | Views: 154 | Comments: 0

Profit Protection Review

There has been a considerable amount of buzz in the network marketing community surrounding the Vemma Business. But is there really any truth to all the hype? This is what this review will focus on.

First of all, what exactly is the Vemma company? The company was founded by BK Boreyko and was brought to the forefront by him and the parent company New Vision, also a leader in the health and wellness.But what kind of products does the Vemma business promote? Its main product features liquid anti-oxidants which contain in large part the mangosteen fruit.

The liquid forms the core of nutrition program. This program is available in four options, a family size bottle, two on the go bottles, and the verve drink and verve energy shot.

So, the opportunity appears to promote some cutting edge nutritional products which have a lot of value in the market.

But what about the vemma business opportunity? Its compensation plan features what they call the dual line compensation plan. This builds two teams, your right and left team. This appears to be a classic binary compensation plan common in the network marketing industry. In addition, once registered as a business builder, you get access to a business center which contains two marketing websites.

So how do they make money in the vemma business? The company actually pays out on a weekly basis, and includes team building bonuses and a global bonus pool.

The team building bonus is developed by promoting the actual opportunity, and the global bonus is a 12 week pool which helps foster team building and cooperation.

Is the vemma business just another scam? No, not at all. Its a great up and coming MLM company with excellent products and what appears to be a good compensation plan.


However, as with any opportunity, the true test for the vemma will be its marketing. How well will they effectively market the product and opportunity? That is the true indicator or any companies success, no matter what technology or opportunity they offer.If you are a vemma business builder, I highly recommend you learn how to properly market either the opportunity or product in order to be truly successful. This is what generates prospects, leads and sales.

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