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Manchester City home game 45 minutes

Jan 11 | By xingwang | Views: 74 | Comments: 0

Manchester City home game 45 minutes before the performance is clearly did not meet their own standards, despite the ball as high as 74%, but did not hit 12 shots, and up to 8 shots in the case of the situation, the main center of Agui Luo even 0 shot. The face of Burnley, Guardiola slightest did not underestimate the opponent in the front field until the wheel off Debra Nene, the problem is that the left-winger Sane slump, leading to  FIFA Coins the attack of thunder in Manchester city little rain.

More exaggerated, Stone's fatal mistake led opponents easily break. Burnley only 2 shots in the first half, while Barnes's shot is the only shot Zheng, but also the two teams together shot for the first time. Stone's mistake indeed some low, Vaux header ferry, Stones tried to rescue the bigfoot, the result hit the foot on the ball, but the ball toward the direction of their own goal, Barnes get single-handedly break. After nine games were sealed off, Barnes scored two goals nearly three away, and are in Manchester into, respectively, at Old Trafford, Etihad.

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