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Black Coffee hangs out with Wiz Khalifa

Jun 26 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 1598 | Comments: 0

One of South Africa’s finest deejays, Black Coffee, called the world renowned rapper, P. Diddy, his ‘constant motivator’ as the two met in Miami over the weekend. Photo: Instagram/ the real black coffee

MIAMI - Known for his musical talent, dj and producer, Black Coffee, is always at thetop of his game with music.

Like everyone else, Black Coffee also has people he looks up to.

On Sunday he called P Diddy his motivator via an Instagram post. He first met with Didddy in 2014 when he posted a selfie with him on Twitter, in his post he said he had always dreamed of meeting the musician.

This time, the dj got an opportunity to be around his idol and even play a set at Diddy’s house party at his home in Miami.

Both Black Coffee and Diddy took to Instagram, posting images and videos.

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