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Cosmic Ordering Success

Jun 24 '16 | By Mukesh | Views: 120 | Comments: 0

Our capacity enriches in complexity, and all actions are depending on our ability to perform cognitive tasks. It is utter nonsense to enrich one's capacity to perfect one's ability to master tasks that are The Oxy Solution only to cause harm and pain in others, when on the other side of life, the side of good rewards the person with happiness. The other path is the path to entrap gradually oneself to a painful lifetime, wherein the other aim is in the pursue of happiness through perfecting the actions that enforce the others and cause happiness in themselves; the path of light is maturing oneself in doing good.


The choices to do harm rest latent in this form. Once, I allowed blindly jealousness tear my heart away and I spoke with heartless words to her with whom I have chosen from a multitude to let my heart bond with love. Even in the most soulful love, the latent evil finds its way to manifestation when we let ourselves to be unguarded of being aware of the choices and consequences; but love makes us vulnerable in that the weights of loss and gain are the highest of them all. This teaching warns us all from the fact that we can gradually habitualize ourselves to harmful deeds, one choice after another, if we are not mindful and responsible, guarded by our own awareness from the latent manifestations of doing harm.

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