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WAR/NIN can provide the slashing FFXIV resistance down without being in the party

Aug 29 '16 | By Eric M. Dennis | Views: 351 | Comments: 0

If you are only comparing ninja to itself, you still can't say that nin "suffer" from doing dummy parse alone because it's not enabled by another person being here. if you are bringing another WAR/NIN in, might aswell bring a SCH for speed buff, and and AST for rng buffs.

I don't have a problem with dancing edge, i just have a problem with the fact that you mention it as a negative point on a dummy parse, which is missleading.

WAR/NIN can provide the slashing resistance FFXIV Gil down without being in the party, and therefore without giving the increased DEX of a party bonus. SCH and AST cannot do the same.

Also, slashing resist down meaningfully changes the rotation in a way that AST cards or Selene do not, so I would not consider those a comparable situation.

If you are parsing considering someone, anyone else helping you, you are doing parse wrong lol. by default, parsing is done alone for consistency and comparison, unless you parse on your own standard. i mean it doesn't just stop from SCH and AST (who btw, can give you card outside of pt), you can do foe requiem for increased ninjutsu damage, MCH for hypercharge turret

Which is why my initial response had me doing my own Dancing Edges.

I'm not sure why I'm having to debate this so hard...I've already objectively proven that having someone else providing slashing resist down is a DPS increase, which was my original point. 

NIN parses do, indeed, suffer by having to put up their own dancing edge. Like, that's a truth. I didn't say "NIN parses suffer in a way that other jobs do not". Those are words I did not type.

I never once in my original post advocated having someone else provide slashing resist. I only did that on my own to illustrate my point.

The reason it's issue is because your logic is backwards. Ninja's rotation includes dancing edge. When you have someone else (including another Ninja) provide the slashing debuff, it's a dps gain. It's not the other way around. 

You are not entitled to have a slashing Final Fantasy XIV Gil debuff on the boss and it's a dps loss when you don't. You provide the debuff yourself and it's a dps gain when you don't have to. Just like if you're playing monk and it's a dps gain when you don't have to provide your own blunt debuff. It's not "monk parses suffer because I have to use dragon kick in place of bootshine". It's "monk parse is catered because someone else provided the dragon kick so he can just bootshine".

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