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Mourners say Golden Goose Sneakers Online Australian soldier died a hero

Mourners have packed Saint Matthew's Anglican Church in western Sydney for the funeral of an Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan.

Twenty-one-year-old Stuart Nash was killed in combat in Afghanistan in December.

Rifleman Nash was fighting as a member of the British Rifles Regiment.

At the funeral, Brigadier Jeremy Robbins from the British High Commission described Rifleman Nash as a promising young soldier, Golden Goose Sale instantly popular, committed and loyal, with a good sense of humour.

The young Australian had only finished his training with the British Army three months before his death.

Rifleman Nash was the youngest and newest member of his battalion.

Eight members of his battalion flew to Sydney for his funeral Golden Goose Sneakers and carried his coffin, which was draped in the Australian flag.

A family friend spoke of Rifleman Nash's energy and enthusiasm, and his eagerness to be part of any adventure that was going.

He said Rifleman Nash died far too young, but he had fulfilled his long-held dream of becoming a solider and he died a hero.

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