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Wilderness Survival Guide

Jun 22 '16 | By brejck | Views: 118 | Comments: 0
Unexpected nasty weather in the mountains can turn a pleasant day hike into a life or death situation for the unprepared and is a most dangerous foe. Takeover USA Review Fortunately, being prepared for the weather is often as simple as bringing the right clothing. The right clothing will keep you cool in the heat, warm in the cold, and dry during a storm.

You probably don’t need to be prepared for both sub-zero temperatures and triple-digits on the same excursion. Find out the weather forecast for the area to which you’re heading – expect it to be different from your house – and plan accordingly.

Be sure to tell your friends and family when you’ve safely returned. If they don’t hear from you, they can try to contact you, and if that fails, start the process of Search and Rescue. Remember, the goal is not to have a crazy story of eating squirrels and drinking your own urine just to survive. If that’s your idea of fun, pursue those experiences directly. You do not want an emergency to force you to take those measures.

Robert Koester is the search-and-rescue incident commander for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, creator of the International Search and Rescue database and author of the book Lost Person Behavior. According to the data he has collected and processed, solo hikers account for 58% of all lost hikers, yet solo hikers are only a small percentage of all hikers, making the statistic that much more impressive.

So far we’ve spent the bulk of this guide explaining how to avoid a survival situation. Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If, despite your best efforts at prevention, you find yourself stranded or injured or lost, you’re going to want some cure.

The Boy Scouts of America includes a list in their handbook called the “Ten Essentials.” We’ve borrowed their list, expanded upon it, and rearranged it. The items are organized by priority, based on how quickly they will need to be used if a survival situation develops.

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