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Advanced Binary Options Signals

Jun 22 '16 | By Mukesh | Views: 144 | Comments: 0

Previously in the article "The Importance of Economic Indicators" we discussed the effects economic indicators have on the trading markets. In this article we are going to discuss which charts are most practical to use when doing your research.Chart selection is mostly a matter of Escape The Race Review personal preference. Some investors like Line charts while others like Bar charts or Candle Stick charts. Line charts are mostly used when limited data such a the Open or Close prices are only known while Bar Charts and Candle Stick charts are used when more comprehensive data is available.When analyzing a chart on a daily basis the Candle Stick chart is becoming more popular among investors as it shows a composite picture of a day's trading. When analyzing a chart on an hourly basis the Line chart based on the Current Price is preferred.


When trading Binary Options most traders use a combination of the Candle Stick and Line charts. They use the Candle Stick chart to analyze the historical perspective and the Line chart to analyze the hourly trend. This combination has become the most powerful in successful Binary Options trading.Let us start off by using the Candle Stick chart to analyze the historical perspective of the Asset. When looking at the chart we can see the Trend Line that has developed over the last few days and weeks. This will give us a good perspective on what to expect in the overall performance of the Asset.Next, we will switch to the Line chart to analyze the activity of the Asset over the last few hours leading up to the Trading Period where we want to start trading. The Candle Stick chart provides us with the general trend while the Line chart provides us with the current trend.

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