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Computers are logic driven engines. Yes, to a large extent they mimic the brain when making mathematic and logical deductive ad inductive reasoning. Much of the engineering effort to duplicate cranial activity hinges on rule-based logic using binary data to store and process information Convergence Sniper Review according to a set of instructions called application programs or software. Spielberg may have gone overboard with his A.I. movie that has human-like cyborgs for robots, but that is basically the objective of robotics. We're still decades from being there. For sure, there are now super computers in many research and think tank companies that employ some level of artificial intelligence that have been known to make decisions and recommendations based on terabytes of data processed within minutes. These super computers do form the brain of any robotic contraction approaching human qualities.

Artificial intelligence programming is still rule-based but it has an integral database engine that can process large amounts of information into multiple parallel computers. They are definitely not your typical corporate mainframes, but a step higher. Processing vast data, super computers use special application called expert systems that can mimic human intelligence efficiently in specific disciplines. Legal and medical expert systems processing terabytes of data are known to provide recommendations and diagnosis on the fly. Another way to artificial intelligence is the use of neural networks. Modeled after the human brain, they make use of programs that can handle ambiguities left out from rule-based systems. Human thought is not always based on black or white stimulus, but also allows options for what they call "grey areas.


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