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I'm no fly-by-night, insists Bonang Matheba (VIDEO)

Feb 14 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 121 | Comments: 0
Unfazed by detractors and the negative press she recently received, Bonang Matheba has upped the ante.

    The controversial TV darling has announced her appointment as one of Revlon's global ambassadors. Her relationship with the cosmetic giant began in June 2013.

    Matheba will be leaving for New York next week to meet with Revlon president Lorenzo Delpani. "It's no longer just cosmetics. We are now doing hair and fragrance," she said.

    She will be in the esteemed company of Hollywood's finest, such as Olivia Wilde and Halle Berry.

    Last night she hosted the launch of E!Entertainment Africa in Johannesburg, wearing a black Swarovski ballgown. "I'm not getting a show on E!, but I work closely with them."

    She believes her ever-rising star points to her tenacity. "I'm not a fly-by-night. I've been sticking around. I started this thing at 16 and now I'm 29. I've put in the hours."

    She is producing a reality show for Vuzu TV. "I don't need a reality show," she laughed. "I'm watched enough."

    Matheba said she hasn't made peace with rival TV star Pearl Thusi, following recent reports that they didn't get along. "She doesn't bother me. I don't think about it. When I started out I had people I looked up to and drew inspiration from, women like Basetsana Kumalo, Zandi Nhlapo, Nonhle Thema, Claire Mawisa.

    "I would ask them for tips and to mentor me. There's enough space for everyone and as soon as we recognise that there will be less of this head-bashing. It never crossed my mind to tear another woman down.

    Asked about her relationship with rapper AKA, Matheba brushed it aside: "That's 2015. Life is good and that wave has passed. I don't want to be drawn into that. You have to be gracious and, like Beyoncé said, 'your best revenge is paper'."




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