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flooring maintenance and care guides

Jun 22 '16 | By qizhenapp | Views: 131 | Comments: 0

Some consumers home floor use after a period of time, it appeared the phenomenon of deformation, springing. This may be because the indoor humidity is big, absorb too much water floor, composite wood for roof top decks lead to the expansion and appear bulging. May be due to the expansion joints between the floor at the time of shop floor is too small, the floor is in use after a period of time in heat bilges cold shrink, squeezed between floor and floor appear bulging. In this case, first of all, at the time of the shop floor, reserve a good expansion joints, avoid the expansion joint is too small and the emergence of bulging.

And then in everyday use, do not use wet mop to clean the floor, avoid excessive floor imbibe, and pay attention to in the season when damp control indoor humidity, avoid floor be affected with damp be affected with damp and arch camber. outdoor hand railings UAE. The floor appears, is a lot of families after using the floor will appear the phenomenon, many residents don't care when the floor appears pale, in fact this is not only affect the appearance of the floor, floor internal structure change of a kind of performance.

Canada Composite Deck Wholesale For Open Air Platform. In this case, mostly due to the floor for a long time under the sun direct illuminate, lead to the floor paint film on the surface of the decoloring or discoloration, so in daily life, we need to avoid the floor under the direct sunlight for a long time, especially for the sunlight area such as window, sun protection measures should be taken. 

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