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How To Train A Horse

Jun 21 '16 | By brejck | Views: 109 | Comments: 0

Start with a good program of past performances that you have purchased or printed from your computer. Betting Magician Review Start by looking at the conditions of the race. You can eliminate any maiden race for two year olds. They are, in my opinion, just too unpredictable and tough to handicap.

Next, look to the right, where they tell you if the horse has won at the distance and at that track. Circle any horse who has won at the distance and at that track and on that surface. For instance, if a horse is racing at a mile on the turf course at Belmont Park, and you see that it has raced at a mile and won at that distance on the turf at Belmont, circle each one of those stats.

Next, look at the date of the horse's last race for each horse in the race and circle any that raced within the last 35 days. After settling the recency issue, check out the speed rating of each horse's last race and circle the top three. Finally, look at the morning line odds for each horse and circle the horses who are in the top four, in other words, the ones with the lowest morning line odds.

Start to pick your contenders by looking at the horses who have won at the distance, surface, and track. If any of them has also raced in the last 35 days and has a speed rating that you circled, that is your bet. If not, then go over the program again and just count the circles for each horse. The horse with the most circles is your bet. In the case of a tie, go with the horse with the lowest morning line odds.

This easy horse racing system is not a money maker in the long run and you should be aware that betting on horses is risky. But if you just want a quick way to pick horses who are capable of winning and to handicap the program without too much work, then this system will pick a fair amount of winners.


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