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5 Interesting facts you didn't know about Umlilo’s actress Omuhle Gela

Jun 20 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 1474 | Comments: 0

Omuhle Gela plays Andile Simelane on Umlilo. And as the season draws to an end, we thought we’d get to know the actress a little better.  

Watch the Umlilo finale on Monday 2 November at 9PM.

1.She can sing
Though there won’t be an album or single release anytime soon, the actress let us know that her talents goes further than the small screens.

2.She likes food
Though we don’t fully believe this, because have you seen her body? Omuhle tells us that she is a sucker for food, she can eat anything, but her favourite is chocolate. Some girls have all the luck. 

3.She can cook
“Because of my love for food, I have learned how to cook and I’m good at it, even if I have to say so myself.” The actress proudly admits. 

4.She doesn’t like her toes
We all have something we don’t like about ourselves and for Omuhle it’s her toes. The actress shyly admitted to hating her toes. 

5.She can’t sleep without socks
No matter how hot it is outside, Omuhle will not fall asleep without socks. She says she feels naked without them. 

Watch Omuhle Gela as Andile Simelane on Umlilo, Mondays at 9PM. Follow the show on Facebook and Twitter. #Umlilo

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