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Stroke Symptoms and Preventions

Jun 20 '16 | By sagasan | Views: 140 | Comments: 0

A change in one's lifestyle brings with it changes in all aspects of one's life, including a change in diet where one tends to consume more unhealthy food. Physical activity takes a back seat. One begins Lean Belly Breakthrough Review to lead a rather sedentary life. The need of the hour, therefore, is to adopt an appropriate dietary intake and for sedentary adults, foods low in energy density, rich in fibre and containing lots of vegetables and adequate exercise would go a long way in terms of providing satiety and maintaining good health. That means a no to that decadent slice of cheesecake in your fridge! Women, particularly career oriented women, are no strangers to lifestyle illnesses. In India the prevailing need for a double income in most cities requires women to go out to work. The woman feels responsible to fulfil her family's needs and at the same time she must perform in her workplace. 

Long working hours, juggling home with the career causes them to succumb to lifestyle diseases, often at an early age. In the bargain her health is compromised. A survey in 2009 revealed that women as young as 35 years were diabetic and suffered from hypertension. The situation yet remains grim. Obesity is not uncommon in children these days. Addiction to junk food, an unhealthy obsession with smartphones and a generation of couch potatoes nudges out physical activity, giving rise to teenagers and even younger children battling obesity. Obesity is the cause of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and mental ill health. School authorities and parents are expected to monitor children's junk food consumption and time spent with phones or watching TV. Ironically, according to a very recent newspaper report support groups formed on social networking sites have helped obese people deal with their obesity and reduce body mass index by a value of 0.64.


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