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This might be an FFXIV impossible question....

Aug 25 '16 | By Eric M. Dennis | Views: 120 | Comments: 0

I am a lapsed FFXIV player (with a level 36 scholar), and dropped off the main story around level 32. I have resubbed for a month as I think it just wasn't clicking with me healing.

Now, with a kid and another on the way, my gaming time is limited to 1hr a day on average. I am eager to get to Heavensward as I hear the story is amazing.

My question is this; how many hours will it FFXIV Gil take me to get to this point? I have a maurauder at level 20 that I am tempted to tank with in order to combat the DPS queues.

With only an hour a day it's going to take you a few months at best to even get past the entire 2.0-2.5 storyline.

If you don't skip cutscenes and want to get the most out of the story, it's going to take even longer.

If you tough it out you might be able to do it, but I can't speak as a 20-something with no kids. Best of luck.

Speaking from my own experience, it took me roughly two months to get to Heavensward from the beginning. 

My time playing was limited to maybe an hour or two during the weekdays, nothing on Friday/Saturday, and on and off throughout Sundays. Maybe 8 - 10 hours a week. 

I will say though I did go off the beaten Final Fantasy XIV Gil path here and there, so if you stick to just the MSQ and don't spend two weeks leveling crafting it's feasible to complete it faster.

You might want to make some high-level friends willing to carry you through the story dungeons and trials with the undersized party option (and wait for you as you watch the cutscenes,) though even if you have to retry those a few times, they are probably less time consuming than all the fetch quests.

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