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M-Net overhauls movie channels, increases HD on Compact

Jun 15 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 516 | Comments: 0

The M-Net channels are going through yet another overhaul in July with a change in channel numbers and a renovation of the movie channels.

Unlike the endless changes of the past which have overly complicated things, these changes simplify things for once and include HiDef news for Compact viewers.

These three changes will take effect from Friday, 1 July:

1. M-Net City and M-Net Movies Action will be available in HD to Compact viewers.

2. Vuzu Amp changes channel number to 103 (from 114) so it can be next door to M-Net Edge (on 102) and M-Net (on 101)

3. The movie channels are being reduced from nine to seven and will be on channels 104 to 107.

The older library titles will be reduced and the M-Net Movies Comedy, Family and Romance channels are thankfully being ditched in favour of one channel, named M-Net Movies Smile.

Here's a breakdown of what the Movies channels will look like:

M-Net Movies Premiere: on channel 103
On Premium

This channel moves from 103 to 104 and will continue to air premiere movies.

M-Net Movies Smile: on channel 104
On Premium

According to M-Net, this channel will appeal to everyone who is young at heart and features animated and family friendly fliks. Early evenings will cater to kid friendly movies and the later evening will cater to adults e.g. with adult comedies by Adam Sandler or Melissa McCarthy films.

M-Net Movies Action +: on channel 106
On Premium

Continues with the current offering.

M-Net Movies Showcase: on channel 107
On DStv Premium

Continues with the current offering of festivals, box sets, franchise specials and blockbuster films. Will also include romantic movies which previously aired on M-Net Movies Romance.

M-Net Movies Action: on channel 110
On Compact and Premium

Continues with the current offering.

M-Net Movies Stars: on channel 111
On: Compact and Premium

Continues with the current offering.

M-Net Movies Zone: on channel 139
On Family, Access, Compact, Premium and GOtv

Continues with the current offering.
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