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Survivor: When a girl stands up against being number FOUR

Jun 15 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 318 | Comments: 0

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! I almost had a heart attack!! I could feel it in my chest, getting more desperate each time I breathed while Ciera played the most dangerous game I've ever seen.

What moves, what madness, what bravery.

She literally faced the barrel of the gun and stood up to every single one of them, Tyson espesh, which couldn't have been easy because he's so much bigger and more glaring than she is.

It was a crazy gamble for things to come down a rock but she made the right move. If she didn't do it she would have gone back like a "good little girl" and been NUMBER FOUR because that's exactly what she was no matter what Tyson says.

Last week I was delighted by the idea of her working with Tyson because I was convinced he would be a perfect ally for her and would be loyal to her but now I'm SO over him because he's clearly a major threat to her.

Ciera's still gonna be number four now BUT she's got more power because she's shown that you can't mess with herand she has the jury on her side. If she can get Monica on her side she'll be sweet, if Hayden sticks with her.

I was impressed by him because it was all his doing - the way he went on and on about her place as number four was classic. We've seen too many Survivors who give up when they're about to get the chop but he literally did everything he could to stay and it saved him.

Not that I support him of course because my support for Ciera knows no bounds and I really, really, REALLY want her to win. I can't wait to see what she's going to do next.. if my heart can take it, which it probs won't!
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