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Married at First Sight reality show calls for South African singles

Jun 15 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 640 | Comments: 0

So!... how do you feel about marrying a total stranger?

If the idea appeals to you then you're the perfect candidate for Married at First Sight. Lifetime has announced that the channel will be producing a local version of their international reality show and the search is on to find singles who want to be part of it.

In case you aren't familiar with the format... the show follows singles who've been partnered up by the show's match-making experts. Unlike other dating shows, the couples don't go on dates - they get married immediately, the first time they meet.

They meet at the altar, go on honeymoon and move in together when they get back. Then, six weeks later they have to make the crucial decision: will they stay married or file for divorce?

Who is the show looking for?

According to producer Rebecca Fuller Campbell of Oxyg3n Media, the series is looking for people who are serious about finding a relationship.

She explains: "We are looking for singles who are committed to finding true love. This is not a series for those that are looking for fame, but rather for those who are genuinely looking to form a serious relationship and participate in a unique social experiment, the basis of which will form a truly entertaining and fascinating television series."

If this is You, then these are the other criteria for entering:

Official criteria:

- You need to be single and between the ages of 24 and 36.
- You must never have been married before and you mustn't have children.

Other non-official criteria:

- You should be ready for a committed relationship and feel that you've exhausted all options to finding love.
- You should be ready for a different approach to finding love.
- You need to be crazy brave!

You can enter online here: Married at First Sight entry form.
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