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Dark and Beautiful Gigi Lamanyne hates her skin color - WHY?

Jun 14 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 3195 | Comments: 0
It’s no secret that stigma against dark skin has a complex history and a severe impact on society.

But more importantly‚ it often affects individuals in their everyday lives. Take Gigi Lamayne for instance.

She’s a rising hip-hop star‚ but not without the challenges of being a dark-skinned girl.

Taking to Twitter‚ the rapper candidly shared her struggle with cultural beauty standards‚ which regard light skin more favourably than darker skin‚ and the effect on self-esteem. She revealed that she has been victimised (by the black community) for having dark skin before‚ and as a result‚ she started hating herself for the way she looks.

She further explained that society has become so obsessed with looks that it casts a shadow over important issues‚ such as when one is engaging the youth in meaningful conversations.

The ugly truth behind why we love to hate light skinned women

“You’ll speak so much knowledge on television. Trying to enlighten the youth. Instead they’ll conversate on your looks and clothing‚” she tweeted.

Gigi joins the likes of Power actress Nauri Naughton and Viola Davis who have previously opened up about the struggles they face as dark-skinned women in showbiz.

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