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[Suggestion] Elegant emotes, FFXIV gear, quests

Aug 23 '16 | By Eric M. Dennis | Views: 187 | Comments: 0

Final Fantasy has a rich and deep history.

Within the Final Fantasy universe there is heroism, intense battles, legendary weapons, and sometimes a bit of silliness. 

Thus far with Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, we have seen an increasing amount of the latter.

From ridiculous pumpkin, ghost, samurai, "posing ranger" gear to "gentleman-ly," "eureka!," and manderville dances and poses, among other things, there seems to be a complete overabundance of this "silly" nature of things being added to the game.


So if it is at all possible, can we get more things that bring a bit of class back to Eorzea?

Some examples are:


Knight Dubbing emote (this is a role playing game afterall)

Final Fantasy VIII type ball room dance

Final Fantasy IX Garnet fixing her hair

etc etc.


I know this game is modeled after World of Warcraft, but this is still Final Fantasy.

I'd like to see:

Gear that doesnt clip FFXIV Gil chocobos, itself. Basically no long dress style gear etc.

Gear that looks Holy, or Knightly, or "heroic."

Take some ideas from: 

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IX

... or, more easily, take additional ideas from Final Fantasy XI even.

We have enough silly gear, and clipping gear. 

Lets have some natural looking fitted gear, that looks elegant, and proper.


Simply put, this game is extremely easy, and things are done very quickly

The developers could easily create this entire thread into a single quest, that grants rewards the further you get into it. It Final Fantasy XIV Gil could be a long and endeavoring quest.

A quick example, to get the mind thinking of how this could be accomplished in such an easy access game:

A quest line that once you start the quest, you gain a debuff where you are unable to teleport or summon a chocobo, or sprint. Where you must go to certain areas in the game, and meet with certain NPC's that have engaging dialog, that tell a grand tale. 

As you complete each quest in the series, your debuff drops. This allows you to go back to other content if you so desire.

Each quest in the series would be short, maybe 30 minutes roughly to complete, but there could be 10 quests in the series, so you spend most of your time traveling, but arent locked into it preventing you from doing other content. This quest could lead you into the entrance of say Hall of the Bestiarii near camp drybone, where you must solo Hydra. Again, just as a simple example.

I repeat this is just an example, i'm sure the development team could come up with a much better way to introduce such an engaging quest line, as they are the ones who created this game. Not me. 

If you have better ideas, or suggestions, please feel free to add to this.

I encourage any posters to not post in contrast to this thread, as we are all different, and this game has many things to offer, i'm simply asking for the possibility of the developers to *consider* this request. 

If you have your own ideas that are in contrast to this, please make your own thread and post that there.

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