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Busting the Top Fitness Myths

Jan 28 '16 | By Alec | Views: 64 | Comments: 0

Bra selection: Bras holds the boobs and prevent them from bouncing. Bouncing is the main reason of drooping. So bra selection is the main criteria if you want to increase the bust size early. Wear padded bra that makes an illusion to appear your bust larger. You can also go for push up bras which holds the boobs upwards and brings them closer so your cleavage appears brightly. You can also use stuff inside bras to look boobs bigger. Horizontal thin stripes will make your breast wider. Use Boost Your Bust bright colors of bra that will give the attractive appearance. Use accessories to make your cleavage better. For example -use pendant with thin chain that will always goes through the cleavage. This will make the cleavage appearance better and your boobs appear larger.

Breast enhancement food: You can use the breast enhancement food that will make your breast larger. You may astonish that some foods make the breast to grow more rapidly than the creams and pills. These foods contain certain type of chemicals that will increase the breast. Food contain Pytho-estrogens chemical that is similar to estrogen chemical and stimulates the estrogen. Estrogen is responsible for the sexual responses and feminine curves. Small increment of this chemical will boost the bust. So include soya product like soya cheese, soya milk, barley and milk products. This will stimulate the breast as well as the other parts of body also. Supplements inclusion: some supplements increase the breast size. These contain elements like bromine, manganese whish are also responsible for breast increment. So include these supplements in your daily routine. You will definitely gain some size permanently.

If you are endowed with small breasts you can increase the size and shape of your breasts naturally through massage. It can give a boost to your sagging boobs. It will help in making your breast firmer and more beautiful. Massage also enables us to know whether your breasts are in a healthy conditions since you will come to know whether there are any lumps indicating the presence of cancer or not. Massage is very helpful in preventing cancer. Further, massage increases circulation to the breasts and also stimulates production of prolactin which is a breast enlarging hormone. Nowadays women have started using herbal natural enhancers. The main ingredients of herbal creams are saw palmetto, fenugreek and fennel. All these herbs boost the estrogen level which leads to fuller, firmer and bigger breasts. It also improves the texture of the skin. Herbs that are absorbed through the skin are 80 % more effective than the herbs that are swallowed or taken orally. Hence the secret is massaging the cream into your boobs


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