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Crash Diet or Gradual Weight Loss

Jan 28 '16 | By Alebright | Views: 63 | Comments: 0
Fat Crusher System

One of the biggest mistakes people make while trying to lose weight is starving themselves. Instead, plan on eating every 3-4 hours throughout the day to avoid feeling the urge to binge eat. The easiest way to carry out this goal is to make foods in advance and then take them with you in a microwave safe dish. For example, make a pot of chili. Cook up healthy snacks of chicken, fish or even beef. If you need an afternoon snack, have a protein shake and some cashews, peanuts or almond. having a good amount of protein not only makes you feel full, it's also a good way to build muscle! Oh - and drink some water!
Stop chasing fad diets and find a weight loss diet plan that you can use for life. Fad and trendy diets are fleeting and seem to contradict one another. They are not meant to be used for a lifetime of health. Yes, our first intentions is to get to our goal weight as fast as possible and then stay that way. But, setting unrealistic goals and comparing ourselves to others, only makes things worse. Reaching your goal weight will definitely bring you much happiness and health, but it does not define who you are as a person. The idea of having the perfect body can only set you up for failure. There is no way to achieve that, at least not in this life! Even those people that seem to have the perfect body worry about their looks everyday, same as you.


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