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5 Questions to Get Prospects to Take Action

Jun 11 '16 | By sasi | Views: 97 | Comments: 0

Her father and friends are not happy about her engagement, and they've been vocal about it. They fear for her; they're certain Robert will never make her--or anybody besides himself--happy.But Michele Survive In Bed has ignored their protests.Too many women marry the wrong men (when they'd be much happier by themselves) because they want their "big day,"or they (falsely) believe their lives will not be complete unless they produce children.Michele had the good fortune to get a warning from her fiance's friend, but she ignored it. Others aren't as fortunate to get a friendly tip-off and must look for--and be willing--to see the signs themselves.

One woman who didn't see the signs is now the mother of two small children. When she met her husband at church, she was thrilled to be dating a "like-minded" Christian. After their wedding, she learned the hard way that he is actually a lazy, belittling, alcoholic (and caught him driving while under the considerable influence with their son in the car).She's currently in the process of getting a divorce.How do you know for sure that you're getting involved with a man who'll make you happy? First off, be willing to see the signs. Don't be paranoid (it's unnecessary, and it's such a turn-off) but do be clear-eyed. Don't lie to yourself: Are you dating a guy because you like him, or have you talked yourself into putting up with him because you want to get married?


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