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Symptoms of a Stress Headache

Jun 11 '16 | By Gajapriya | Views: 143 | Comments: 0

The OXY Solution Review

The same can be said for people with bulging or herniated discs in their neck and/or spine. The back stretching poses, as they create space between the vertebrae can also reduce pressure on the herniated discs. Another way yoga is good for our skeletal health is that with gentle stretching and strengthening exercises, trigger point and sciatica pain is also reduced or even eliminated. The condition called adhesive capsulitis, also known as "frozen shoulder" is a gradual stiffening of the shoulders caused by tightness around the joint capsule.

Frozen shoulder immobilizes the shoulder(s), making everyday tasks such as getting dressed very painful. Any activity where the patient has to lift their arms for any reason causes intense pain which leads to a decrease in overall activities including exercise. Yoga, however, has changed all that. The gentle stretching in yoga frees up the "frozen" joint capsule, therefore curing the condition altogether.

Exercises such as aerobics or running are considered high-impact and therefore can do more harm to our skeletal systems, especially the joints. This high-impact activity usually starts to affect us when we start getting older. Studies have proven that yoga poses stimulate the release of naturally occurring lubricating fluids which reduce the effects of the damage that causes osteoarthritis.


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