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Tevez limited position arc remaining feet

Jun 11 '16 | By Jessica White | Views: 281 | Comments: 0
After A minute or so, Tevez limited position arc remaining feet low taken was obstructed out of the right publish by Raphael. The first 25 moments, Hamsik advantage of the region Tui skipped.Lichtsteiner right thigh muscle damage, treated and returned to the venue. The first 33 moments, Pirlo 22 metres before the volley was obtained Raphael.

The first 35 moments, Higuain converted the frontier shut position after clever fool Bonucci hit great. The first 38 moments, cutting within Lichtsteiner on the right and kicked the walls with Vidal, 10 metres before the small-angle taken was stored by Raphael. The first 42 moments, Higuain on the remaining advantage of the region spanner was stored by Buffon combination body!

The spouse started nine moments, Hamsik ripped forward successfully pass protection, Kalie Hong limited the right of single-pole 12 metres away from the entrance at the far publish Tui slip! The first 60 moments, traversing the soccer ball remaining of the charge position Hamsik Higuain five metres outside the top part of the little position at the instep volley lob wipe out the far post!

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