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EFF Julius Malema VS DA Mmusi Maimane = Mouth no Action, Action no Mouth

Jun 11 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 733 | Comments: 0

Newly elected DA leader Mmusi Maimane gives his first speech as party leader at the Boardwalk Convention Centre in Port Elizabeth.© Dianne Hawker / eNCA Newly elected DA leader Mmusi Maimane gives his first speech as party leader at the Boardwalk Convention Centre in Port Elizabeth. JOHANNESBURG – DA leader Mmusi Maimane has rebuked EFF leader Julius Malema for promising to take power through the barrel of the gun.

Maimane was talking at The Gathering event in Johannesburg on Friday morning where his party, the ANC and the EFF were guests.

He referred to an interview with news channel Al Jazeera in which Malema said his party is not afraid to meet violence with violence and that it will not hold back if it suspects the upcoming municipal polls aren’t free and fair.

However, Maimane has called for elections to be won at the ballot box and not with a bullet.

He called out Malema and asked why he promised South Africans the bullet and not the ballot.

"Julius, why are you promising civil war when South Africans want peace?” asked Maimane. "Why are you promising the bullet, when we have the ballot?

"It is because, deep down, you know that most South Africans will reject your policies at the polls.

"The reality of government exists in a different universe to the make-believe world the EFF has been selling. There is a gap as wide as the Karoo sky between what they pledge to voters and what their economic policies can deliver.

“We should accept the change at the ballot box, just like we did in 1994.

“Those who talk about taking power through the barrel of the gun surely do not understand what democracy is about.

“We have lived with the threat of the bullet for 400 years, it is the threat of the bullet that sustained colonialism and apartheid. We must never go back there, we must embrace democracy and work to strengthen our democratic institutions."

Maimane – who is the first black leader of the DA – has dispelled suggestions that he is just a "face" for his party and strings are being pulled by white monopoly in the party.

“These people that perpetuate the idea that there is some kind of white faction that is in charge of the DA, I think that statement is dangerous.

“That statement can be read as racist because it says ‘black people cannot lead’ and when black people are elected to leadership there must be some kind of white master, that can be seen as dangerous.

“There is one leader of the DA and we lead a party of diverse people.”

WATCH: Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema go head-to-head in Parliament

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