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Youtube SEO – Learn How To Improve Videos Ranking and Engagement

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1 year agoYoutube SEO – Learn How To Improve Videos Ranking and EngagementReport Media

Videos ranking are only based on video popularity and their statistics between users but what if a video is not ranking and users not see video link. If you are a beginner on youtube and your channel is totally new then ranking is the treasure for you because on today’s new video only rank in some conditions if your video have more views & likes or your video topic is related to hot, sexy etc. There are so many ways to improve videos ranking but remember one thing before publishing is to input all field in upload page and don’t go fast because there are also other tabs in upload page like “Advanced settings” and more.

We make below Youtube SEO list after some research and conversation with popular youtube channels and ask them how your videos rank in beginning when you begin your channel. Don’t learn youtube videos ranking guides every time from web whenever you want to upload a video because its totally time waste you just read once. Many peoples waste so much time on ranking videos up in youtube search results but you don’t do this because if you focus on videos ranking then you decrease you video creation quality which is a big youtube SEO mistake.

Do a keyword research for Title

Title tag is the most important tag as you know but when it comes for youtube video then we will change little structure of title. If you ready wordpress SEO post you see i suggest title tag which have unique words or alternative words of search term so in youtube you have to use more keywords of search term you have to focus and only 5-10% unique alphabetic words which match to your video topic. You can also use some numerical digits its always work and your video also ranking good in search engine also.

Google closed youtube keyword tool and adjust it to Adwords Keyword planner. Many people confused when they found youtube keyword tool 404 error so for those people go to Adwords keyword plannerto search term for youtube videos.

First Sign-in to Adwords keyword planner > Click tools > Display planner


Then hit Filters > and you see in “Formats” check only “Video”.

This planner is little tough to use but its good that you don’t need to go for multiple keywords tool for google products it all only at Adwords keywords planner.

Write description minimum 80 words

If you think that its not really matter then forget it because google rank those videos on youtube which have quality and video are of a brand or company. So if you think little, Suppose a large company hire you for manage their youtube channels so can you tell me you didn’t waste more time for title, description and other video description that’s why google give little ranking better who well explained their videos in text.

There are also some other benefits of writing lengthy description field is you may input all those keywords which you think users also search for this keyword to find my video.

Youtube only allow 60 characters on title field and with the help of lengthy description you may add all those keywords which not comes in title.

Add tags that match your video topic

Tags the 3rd most important field in upload page. First when you upload a video and fill title or description field you see youtube automatically suggest some tags that better match to your video title.

We suggest you to add tags after filling Title, description field and first use Suggested tags then start input those tags name which already created on youtube server like when enter any word in youtube tag field it auto drop a tag results so only choose from those tags not make your own tags because it good when youtube show your video near other videos which related to your tags.


Focus on video Length and Quality

A user feel very good when they found their video in High quality and well explained. Meaning of quality is configuration, Which HD quality you export video. Mostly best and perfect quality for youtube is 720p or 1080p not 4K because 4k is very high resolution and most of the youtube users not watch videos in 4k.

Length really matters in video ranking even your video is new or old lengthy videos always up in search results that’s why i always suggest lengthy video to video bloggers. Would you ever think why youtube optimize lengthy videos ranking ? Actually in modern time there are revolution of copyrighted and fake videos which really not help or entertain single youtube user so that’s why they think if any person upload lengthy video on youtube absolutely the video is important for users and there are only some little chances that a person waste time to make a usefulness video lengthy.

Avoid copyrighted Audio files

Actually in past copyrighted videos rank good in youtube but now on today’s time there are so many quantity of channels which upload copyrighted video and earn subscribers and popularity on their channel. Most of the people who know this think those make their own original video but he mistakenly add music which is already copyrighted like Music, Song, album, film so i suggest you to not to take those audio remove it and download some Audio from Audio Library.

Youtube audio library is only made for youtubers who don’t have audio files to make video entertaining and creative. In library you see sounds effects which you can use to make episode, movies or more. i really impress with audio’s found in library those are really outstanding music and available in multiple categories also.

Choose Category mostly used

When you upload video there you see 3 tabs and one of them is “Advanced settings” which contain category. Youtube only gives limited category not more like tags so its easy to choose those category that perfect for your video.

If you want to rank your video in youtube search results than choose unique category that you think not mostly used, don’t think about your video topic because when you search any term from search bar youtube give results from every category so if others already uploaded video on a topic you going to upload so those already choose those category which match to your video topic and again and again when people choose same category they didn’t rank well in search result page.

Always add Custom thumbnail

Youtube also suggest channels to add custom thumbnail on your video so why you would not add custom thumbnail yourself. If you talk about “Custom thumbnail” and Youtube SEO then its little matter here. Adding custom thumbnail in video looks like official video and those videos always rank first so never avoid custom thumbnail before you publish video.

Choose thumbnail that edited by yourself not to take from copyrighted images and the size of YT video thumbnail 480X360 always make in size and your image content always align in center because thumbnail little hide from corner.

Increase some video popularity yourself (For new channels)

Actually if you want to rank videos in first you need some popularity that made in less time. Mostly people want their youtube videos ranking better in search so if you want to do this you need Views which is very tough target for a beginner. Channels who already have more subscribers so you not to worry about videos ranking because its little hard to make subscribers for new folks.

For beginners we always suggest to submit video link on websites which offer quality web contents to users like  RedditStumbleuponDigg and more.

Enter Google analytics ID & Associated website

Analytics is already available in your account but if you connect channel to google analytics then its good for search engine ranking. With google analytics you may see your videos analytics more deeply than youtube default analytics.

To add ID Visit your Channel Advanced Setting > and enter ID > Save & Just above there is associated website field also available.

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