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How to Promote a YouTube Video Absolutely Free of Cost

Jan 14 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 103 | Comments: 0

Every YouTube channel publisher always wants more & more popularity of their videos.  The question is what we do to increase video views, like & shares without paying in Adwords?. Large business always does video promotion with Adwords, but what about startups who are just beginning with new channels and the video not gaining views and popularity. Actually paid promotion is absolutely outstanding than free promotion, the free is only for those who have low budget for advertisement or if your video is creative, entertaining or not useful for business advertisement. To begin with free, you should first use some YouTube tools to supercharge your content that automatically earns popularity without any type of promotion. You may also take a YouTube SEO tutorial that optimizes your videos in search results.

If you ever see top YouTube channels what you think about? How they begin or is this some heavy promotion behind these channels? No, the paid promotion only done by business channels like websites, software’s, foods & more. The free YouTube promotion is a basic strategy, before begin make sure you didn’t want your video popularity not increase like a paid ads because it takes less time and never give up just continuously done the strategy.

Take a YouTube SEO tutorial

It’s better to optimize video first to auto gain popularity without any promotion. It’s a type of automated free promotion. YouTube always hunt for new quality & original videos to rank those in any topic even your title keywords not match the search term. There are so much benefit of YouTube SEO but keep in mind, do video optimization before publishing your videos.

After pressing publish button once your video gains little views or likes, YouTube tends visitors to your video like a flood comes. Make sure your video thumbnail should be attractive because last week I found that one of my members, upload a video on YouTube, its entertaining video – but the thumbnail looks very boring, that’s why the impressions over video is outstanding but the click are almost none so please be serious about thumbnail.

Many of the channels become popular in their first video on YouTube and many after hundreds so what’s the main reason? Actually, most of the YouTube visitors click videos which contain sexy, kissing or hot scenes and I found that YouTube analytics of these videos are increased 95% clicks over 98% impressions.

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