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10 Photos of Vera Sidika She Doesn’t want you to see

Jun 7 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 696 | Comments: 0
One thing that will forever haunt Vera Sidika  is the fact Kenyans don’t like what she did to her skin. Although some will argue that its her body and she can do whatever she wants with it, it is still hard for many to appreciate her as they do to the likes of Lupita Nyon’go.

And although we probably wont fully understand why she did it, one thing that is very clear is that she wanted to attract potential sponsors, whom she has since milked dry and making it big in ‘business’

Vera has repeatedly been quoted saying that she doesn’t really care what people think about her and that she ‘runs her life to suit herself’ but since everybody is talking about her, the only worry that most people have is that their kids don’t follow her example.

Before she was introduced to all the hype, Vera was a simple girl and like all the other African Beauties, she was attractive and a potential wife. Here are 10 photos of the “innocent” Vera Sidika. before things went wrong.

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