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Hair Loss Surgery

Jun 7 '16 | By gracebakya | Views: 135 | Comments: 0

Loss Protocol Review The most common hair loss surgery is transplantation. Hair-producing follicles on the sides of the head are removed and inserted into the top of the scalp, where male pattern baldness typically occurs.Surgeries are primarily promoted for men, because they may not be effective for women. Researchers are relatively sure that the cause of male pattern baldness is follicular sensitivity to a hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone.The causes of female pattern baldness or alopecia are believed to be more complicated. DHT may play a role, but it is probably only a supporting role. Many natural health experts believe that the primary cause of alopecia in men and women is chronically poor diets.


As with other hereditary conditions, it could be dietary preferences that were inherited, rather than an actual genetic difference. While researchers believe that they have identified a "hair-loss gene", it is highly unlikely that the genetic anomaly could be responsible for the 50% of all men that experience alopecia to some degree, as they age.Researchers have noted that the incidence of alopecia and male pattern baldness is higher in the US than it is in Asian countries, which would explain why hair loss surgery is more common in the US. There are a number of dietary differences between US and Asian countries, which could be at least partly to blame for the difference in the prevalence of pattern baldness.We see that in men and women, diet and hormones play a role. But are there other factors? Stress is a likely one. Sudden stress can cause sudden onset alopecia in men and women.

A stressful event could be something as minor as a slight nutritional deficiency. The hair-producing follicles are sensitive to a number of different things. Hair loss surgery for men takes the less sensitive follicles from the side of a man's head and replaces the more sensitive follicles located on the top of his head. It is usually very effective, although patients are not equally satisfied with the results. One common complaint is that it does not look natural.To get a more natural look, it makes more sense to take a more natural approach. By improving your nutritional intake, improving circulation to the hair-producing follicles and by blocking DHT production, you have addressed all of the known issues in alopecia and pattern baldness without resorting to expensive and possibly unsatisfactory hair loss surgery.

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