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Stress and Hair Loss in Men

Jun 7 '16 | By gracebakya | Views: 134 | Comments: 0

Loss Protocol Review Let's face it, stress and hair loss in men are quite common. But does one really cause the other? This article discusses what types of stress COULD cause loss of hair and what needs to be done in order to prevent it from falling out. It's pretty safe to say that the everyday stress you go through is NOT a cause of your hair loss. The type of stress that CAN lead to a loss of hair is one that's created from unexpected emotional shock or a disastrous physical accident or occurrence. When something extremely nerve-racking happens to you, active hair follicles are pushed into a "regression phase" followed by a "resting phase." Once it hits this point, it becomes very easy for the follicle to fall out. When does this actually happen? When a physiological or an emotional event is experienced, hair does not begin to actually fall out for a few weeks to a few months. But once loss of hair begins, it can continue to occur at a rather fast pace.


So for example - if you have just lost a love one, you're taking care of someone close to you that has a terminal disease, just had a divorce, got into a car accident or some other physical accident, or have been seriously sick for a long period of time- stress could possible play a serious role in your hair loss.But in most causes, stress and hair loss in men are not linked together much. It's actually heredity and genetics that causes most cases of hair loss in men.What you inherit is a sensitivity to a testosterone byproduct called dihydrotestonterone, or DHT. It's this DHT that binds to your follicles, shrinking them and causing them to fall out.

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