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Ul'dah, largely because that's where I FFXIV started but I also like its feel the most

Aug 19 '16 | By Eric M. Dennis | Views: 152 | Comments: 0

Nostalgia is strong for me; every time I go there and the music kicks in I remember when I first heard it as a brand new adventurer. The adventurer's guild there is my main afk spot.

Started in Ul'dah (thaumaturge). Joined Maelstrom since my friend was also with them. Made Limsa my main base of operations and haven't looked back. Hawker's Alley best aetheryte shard in the game.

For me it's Ul'dah, solely because my fondest memory from the game was an adventure I had in the beta, I met a bunch of fellow adventures and we all became friends. 

Eventually we all decided to travel from Gridania which was my home state to Ul'dah and after this super long journey finally arriving in Ul'dah was phenomenal. Such a beautiful place, so vivid and alive.

Limsa's home for me, but I started in Ul'Dah. Limsa being so ocean side and portside kind of reminds me of home irl, and it helps that I've made a lot of friends just standing around chatting there too. So I was really excited to get my personal house in the Mist when I did.

Ul'dah, despite my (the player) hating the desert and hot weather with the fury of 1,000 Halone combos.

My upcoming alt will be taking the Gridania path, but maybe call Limsa home because oceans and carbuncles. Or maybe return to her Ishgardian roots.

Gridania just feels like where I belong. I started the game as a lancer, mained dragoon for a while, then mained white mage, and now bard. I spent so much time leveling up my crafters while hanging out in Gridania, I really bonded with it. 

It's part of why I love the Halloween Final Fantasy XIV Gil music so much because that first event it played everywhere in the city round the clock, so I just associate it with that time. It's why I really wanted my personal house in the Lavender Beds and did it. 

Also, Adders for life, even if our glamour is usually meh and we're so all over the place in PVP - like seriously guys, how can we kick ass one match then run around like a bunch of morons the next time around?

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