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Page posting tips and best practices for business facebook

Jan 11 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 58 | Comments: 0

1. Post consistentlyBeing consistent in the quality and types of posts you create can help people know what kinds of messages to expect from you and how they tie into your business.A content calendar can help you plan ahead and make sure posts use a similar message each time. You can:

  • Schedule posts for when most of your audience is online
  • Highlight days for major business events or product news
  • Create targeted messages that tell your story

2. Target your postsDepending on your goals, you may want to post something that will interest people in specific ages, genders or more.Here's the easiest way to control who sees a post:

  1. At the top of your Page click Settings, then click Post Targeting and Privacy and check the box
  2. Create a new post on your Page
  3. When done, select the target icon in the bottom left corner and click Add Targeting
  4. Target based on gender, interests, age, location and more. As you refine your targeting, you'll see how many people your post could potentially reach.
  5. Click Post
Example: Sophia Forero, a jewelry eCommerce business, targets posts by gender and education and tests different geographic regions based on where her fans are most engaged.

3. Keep post images and text freshThe more recent your posts, the more interesting people will find them. To keep your posts interesting:

  • Post timely content. For example, if an important holiday has just passed, it’s time to post about the next holiday or event.
  • Test which posts work best and review their performance. Create different posts with the same objective, but switch the photos and copy.
  • Respond quickly to comments on your posts to let fans know you're listening to feedback.
Example: Plated tests different images of menu items, products and individual employees to tell their story.

4. Boost important postsThe best way to reach people who matter to you when promoting your products or services in your posts is with Boosted Posts.Simply click Boost at the bottom of an existing or new post that's promotional to:

  • Increase purchases by taking people to your site with link posts
  • Reach more people through important posts like new product or service announcements
  • Find new customers by targeting new audiences
Learn more about Boosted Posts.

Boost a post todayClick on your Page profile photo to get started now.

  • La Afrique Media

5. Publicize exclusive discounts and promotions with adsIf you're looking to inspire more purchases from your posts, create Facebook Ads with special discounts or promotions.

  • Use link ads to drive people to your site, and include special codes they can use at checkout
  • Drive urgency with a time prompt like “free shipping, this weekend only" or "12 hour flash sale"
  • Promote only products or services you think your audience is most interested in
  • Advertise end-of-year contests and giveaways to drive customer loyalty and sales
Example: Diamond Candles creates new products from customer feedback. Then, they boost posts to announce them and offer free shipping.

6. Connect with words and picturesThe right combination of images and alluring copy that reflect your business objectives can really get your audience interested. Keep these tips in mind when writing posts and ads:

  • Use high-quality photos that showcase your business or products, or lifestyle images of people interacting with them
  • Keep your sentences short and instructive. Quickly inform people why they should pay attention.
  • Avoid promotional phrases such as "buy now" and "shop now." This language may make it harder for your posts to reach the people you care about.
  • Test different photos and messages to see which ones your audience responds to most
ExampleJoseph Nogucci, a jewelry eCommerce business, promotes new product designs by boosting posts with discount codes and high-quality images of their bracelets.

7. Review post performanceYou can get a better understanding of who your most engaged audience is by regularly checking your Page Insights. It shows you:

  • Post engagement, such as the number of people your posts were shown to, likes, comments, shares and more
  • People who like your Page and other demographic information, including their genders, ages and locations
Once you know who your most engaged audience is, you can refine your Boosted Posts to appeal to them and adjust your targeting accordingly.View your Page Insights.

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