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Acupuncture Back Pain Relief Through Pressure Points

Jun 4 '16 | By joyspriscilla | Views: 199 | Comments: 0
Pure Natural Healing Review Several studies over the past few years have shown that acupuncture back pain therapy offers more effective relief than "standard" treatments such as NSAIDs. What is really interesting about the results of this research is that even "sham" acupuncture back pain treatment using toothpicks that poked but did not pierce the skin worked just as well as regular acupuncture needle techniques.

The findings of these studies indicate that it's not necessary to actually puncture the skin in order for acupuncture to provide back pain relief; it could be that acupressure is just as effective. Some of the researchers feel that a "physiological chain of events" occurs when the skin is superficially stimulated.

Traditional acupuncture is quite different than Western therapies. It is a process that works to restore overall muscle balance to the body by stimulating the "chi" centers. As Chinese practitioners know, the human body is intrinsically programmed for balance and symmetry. 
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