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Looking For Contact Lens Replacement

Dec 8 '16 | By skokila | Views: 58 | Comments: 0

Just like looking through two lenses of a binocular, we humans view the world through two eyes and the world appears as one to us. This ability to use two eyes to see an object as one is known aptly, Quantum Vision System Reviews  as the binocular vision. What if we can see with only one eye? What will the world seem to us?

Indeed, having two eyes is better than one. They provide us stereo vision and depth perception. In laymen terms, it refers to the ability to see images as solid objects in 3-dimension and this in turn, helps us judge the depth, contrast and distance of things in our surrounding.Separated by a nose and approximately a little more than two inches apart, each of our eyes views the same object from different angle or from a different perspective.

For instance, http://www.chennaibizbook.com/tailoring-classes-in-chennai/  when you hold up an apple and look at it with just your right eye, the image will be different from the one you see with only your left. Not only that, you will notice that the position of the apple seems to have shifted, relative to the background. The apple will seem to be more to the left side when you look with your right eye, and conversely more to the right side when you look with your left.

Yet, when the two images are sent from our eyes to the brain, it processes the two as one.

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