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NDIYE HUYU SASA! After Months Of Speculation Popular Female Radio Presenter Finally Reveals Her Baby Daddy (PHOTOS)

Jun 3 '16 | By La Afrique Media | Views: 930 | Comments: 0

baby daddy

Being a new parent can be very uplifting. In the same light, being a new parent for the second time can bring double joy to anyone’s life. From the different people I have interacted with, who are parents, having a new kid out of a loving relationship is something fulfilling.

Now, popular Ghetto Radio breakfast host Anita Raey is a new mum. She gave birth to a bouncing baby girl just over a month ago now. However, she has never revealed the father of the child, until now!

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We have however found the identity of the man in question. He is called Nicholas Kabugi and works with the dreaded National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in Mombasa. When reached for a comment, Anita exclusively intimated to us that the only reason she has made public her baby daddy’s dad is because of their “long distance” relationship.

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