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Erectile Dysfunction Treatments and New Discoveries

Jun 3 '16 | By skokila | Views: 163 | Comments: 0

Sistema Libertad Disfunción Eréctil Weak erections are medically called as erectile dysfunction which is treated as sexual dysfunction in males. There can be many underlying causes of weak erections or erectile dysfunction as normal erections in males involve series of activities which depend upon person's physical and psychological health for proper execution. Normal male erection occurs when blood flows in to sponge like tissues present in male organ covered by a chamber called corpus cavernosa. When brain passes signals to the nerves, the chamber holding sponge like tissues, corpus cavernosa, relaxes, allowing the blood to flow in which is absorbed by the tissues to stiffen the male sex organ for intromission. The duration of stiffness depends upon the duration for which blood stays in the spongy tissues, after ejaculation blood starts receding and male sex organs looses its stiffness and returns to its normal size.

Any disease, ailment or malfunctioning of nerves, muscles and blood carrying vessels can hinder this process to cause erectile dysfunction. Apart from these physical reasons psychological reasons also play their part in causing weak erections. Normally male sex organ does not hold similar stiffness during entire sexual act, initially it is not as hard as it gets while approaching orgasm, basically weak erection is where male sex organ does not achieve sufficient stiffness to penetrate or looses its stiffness to continue the act, before orgasm, in a short duration which is not long enough to satisfy his partner.http://centumentltdreview.com/sistema-libertad-para-la-disfuncion-erectil-gratis-pdf/

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