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Natural Treatments for an Itchy Scalp

Jun 3 '16 | By sagasan | Views: 136 | Comments: 0

For the next month, we used trances weekly, combining deep stress and somatic release with images of stillness, reconnection, and smoothing the communication between neurons. Numerous sessions were spent on her subtle "mental chatter" - "I'm not good. Not good enough hair. Not tall Regrow Hair Protocol Review enough." I gave her regular assignments throughout: meditation on stillness for no more than 3 minutes twice a day (a.m. and p.m.) and automatic writing with her right hand. Ideomotor signals were established and regression was initiated to locate the imprint: "Way, way down, that's right...and now time moves differently, comfortably, smoothly, effortlessly...And it can go this way or that...forward or back...yesterday or tomorrow and who knows what time it is...when it's okay with your unconscious mind to go back in time and review the time that is most important in the birth and development of this tic problem...and your first review can be a little detached like watching a movie, an old tape you already know...and the birth of any thing is usually a small thing, a seed that takes root and later with time and fertilizer grows into something else..."

Suggestions were given for correction: "If it's a plant you want, then you want to tend it carefully, helping it to flower, to fruit. But if it's a weed and it's gone wild, we need to pull it out by its roots so what you don't want and don't need stays out and never comes back..." Each imprinting scenario was reviewed by having JJ go into each scene, state to herself or to me (using all five senses) what she experienced (or, in some cases, watched herself experience), signal me to indicate that she'd finished her review, then return to it to review it not just somatically but emotionally. Finally, we future-paced JJ to a time that she could see herself as tic-free: "You might begin to notice a parallel, now possible universe, a world, a life with no tic, with only smooth lines, clear lanes, easy transmission, and only the plants you truly love to have there with productive, beautiful fruits..." We closed the session with post-hypnotic suggestions for a deep, refreshing, natural sleep, a significant dream, and a tic free week.


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